These Baby Gifts Will Sock It To ‘Em!

I don’t know about you, but when I was a little girl, our socks were pretty plain.  All we got were the basic brown, black, blue, white and maybe some pastel colors around Easter.  Dress socks just had a little bit of lace around the edge if we were lucky.

But nowadays, socks are sensational.  There’s all sorts of fancy colors, prints and designs–it’s incredible the selection of socks that are available for little kids today.  Not just there to keep their feet covered or to complement a Mary Jane shoe or outfit, these baby socks make a fashion statement all their own.

Animal Prints

With sassy spots and sensational bows, your baby will have plenty of reasons to kick up her heels with these baby socks.  The horse print socks feature over-sized bows with denim button center, and the cow print comes in your choice of bow or ruffle.  And with the built-in shoe design, the “lost one shoe” dilemma is solved.  No matter which one you pick, they absolutely make the outfit!

Themed Socks

Don’t think that cute socks are just for girls!  These themed baby socks make excellent baby gifts for boys.  With six different styles to carry out the theme, your baby boy can celebrate his musical side with the Rock Star, Rum-a-tum-tum or The Fiddler.  They’re a real toe tapper!  Or, he can rev things up with the racing theme.  With checkered flags, cars and tire-read grip, they’ll give him a first place finish for sure.

Packaged to Perfection

Not only are the socks a sight to behold, but the packaging is too!  Presented in all sorts of fun ways–from caterpillars and nest eggs to flowers and octopus tentacles–these socks have skipped on up to a different level of baby gift.  Incorporated in the gift or redesigned to look like something else, these socks are full of surprises.

So, check out our selection of baby socks and booties.  They’ll knock your socks off!