These Baby Bottles Heat Themselves!

self heating bottleMoms and Dads on the go will thank product guru Karim Rashid for designing this unique mealtime baby gift.  It’s sleek, sophisticated–and it heats itself!  That’s right!  No more waiting to warm the milk or figuring out what to do when you’re away from home.  This innovative baby bottle actually does it all in no time flat, leaving you plenty more time to spend with your precious little one.

In about four minutes, it heats milk without the use of batteries or electricity–an organic heating cartridge is all it needs.  Just think about the freedom this little device brings! You can heat up your baby’s milk in the car, on the airplane, at the beach, at the mall…just about anywhere you decide to go!

Can’t you hear the angels singing– aaaaaahhhhh– as if the heavens are opening up and rejoicing over this one?  I know I sure do.  But, even if the heavens aren’t rejoicing, Mother Nature sure will be because this bottle has plenty of eco-friendly benefits that would make Mama proud:

  • No BPA, PVC, Lead or Phthalates.
  • Accommodates Dr. Brown’s, Meda, Pigeon and Nuk nipples
  • 100 % organic disposable heating cartridge , that only contains salt and water.

Curious to see how it works?  Check out this cool–or should I say–hot video!