The Zaky—Helping Hands or Creepy Baby Gift?

zaky.jpgThanksgiving is behind us, and Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa are just days away. We’re all thinking about those holiday presents for our family and friends. When it comes to the very newest and smallest of those we love, there’s a world of options. Here’s one I came across in another blog, and I had to give it some thought.

Something New for Newborns and Preemies

What you see holding the infant at the left is called “The Zaky” from Zakeez, Inc., and it’s a soft, yet heavy pillow that “imitates the look, feel, weight, scent and warmth of the parents’ hand and forearm.” You have to admit that, at first glance, it looks a little bizarre—like amputated hands holding a baby. But in a way, these hands do offer a loving touch to a tiny baby, even when parents aren’t around. zaky2.jpg Due out December 8, “The Zaky” is touted as an “ergonomic and award-winning, theraputic, comforting, positioning aid and transitional item” that helps with sleep, pain management and both physical and psychological development. It’s designed to help baby feel safe, loved and protected.

I’m not sure if they’re sold in pairs or individually, but I imagine you’d want to get two for logical reasons. “The Zaky” has been used successfully as a bonding aid and for non-medicinal pain management since 2001 in neo-natal intensive care units. They may look a little weird, but it sounds to me like they can have a positive impact on the littlest on your gift list. Two “Zaky” thumbs up!

Great Baby Gifts You Can Get Right Now!

yetisleepingbag.jpgbunnybuddy.jpg If you’re hoping to have your holiday shopping done before December 8, here are a couple of comfy-cozy gifts ready to go at Corner Stork Baby Gifts! The Yeti Sleeping Bag (left) from Kaloo is the safe alternative to blankets for the first few months of baby’s life. The sleeping bag features cream-colored faux “yeti” fur on the outside and a soft, smooth lining inside. Then there’s the Personalized Bunny Buddy Gift Set (right.) The cuddly Bunny Buddy unfurls into a soft, warm, 100% cotton-flannel blanket and it’s ears are satiny and reassuring to baby’s touch. The gift set also comes with a matching bib and a pacifier. Have you noticed that newborns are—hands down—the most fun to shop for? Happy shopping!