The Secret Behind “Baby-Shower Gift” Power!

ag00318_.gifTake a close look at the stork delivering the baby on the right. (Looks like a very smooth ride to me!) You’ll notice the winged wonder is carrying the baby in a basket. That’s because the best things come in baskets, which is why—and here’s the secret—baby shower gift baskets make the best presents!

The cool thing about baby gift baskets is that they come with all kinds of things for baby—layette sets, plush toys, baby products, photo frames, baby toys, cozy blankets, bathtime essentials, mealtime essentials—so the new mom and dad feel like you’ve gone far beyond what they expected from anyone. And they don’t  have to come in an actual basket. Gift “baskets” often come in some other adorable delivery method.

You simply have to decide which gift basket you think they’ll like best. Sometimes the basket itself—for instance, a Moses basket—is a welcome and practical part of the gift. Need some baby shower gift ideas that come in “baskets?” Here are three of my favorites:


The Deluxe Welcome Wagon for boys (left) arrives in a giant wagon suitable for play, along with a terry bath bag, a hooded terry towel, a receiving blanket, one undergarment, a baseball cap, an embroidered hat, a brush and comb set, two soft toys, a rattle, and a teddy bear sidekick. That’s a lot of stuff, but good things come in small packages, too, like the “Five Little Monkeys” Five-Piece Gift Set (center) with a plush brown-and-tan toy monkey, a bright-yellow banana rattle, a soft “lovie” blankie and a door hanger that lets company know “baby’s sleeping.” On the right is an example of the Moses basket I mentioned. It’s the Moses Basket Deluxe for girls, filled with a 100%-cotton nightgown, hat, booties, receiving blankets, quilted changing pad, terry washcloths and a plush, cuddly lamb. See what I mean? Baby shower gift baskets are always the hit of the baby shower!