The Cutest Formal Dress-Up Outfits for Your Baby

While frog-covered onesies and baseball uniforms are adorable, sometimes those casual baby clothes just won’t cut it. If your family has been invited to a wedding, dinner party, New Year’s Eve bash or any other formal affair, you’ll want your baby to wear something appropriate for the event.

Luckily, there are formal baby clothes that will dress baby up for the big party. Not only are these outfits appropriate for even the fanciest affairs, but they’re also incredibly adorable. Everyone at this shindig will want a picture of your little one!

1. My First Party Dress

A black tie wedding is no problem for your little girl. She will arrive in style in her very own first party dress. The black ensemble makes it appropriate for even the most formal events. Printed directly onto the fabric is a little string of pearls, so she will fit right in with the other ladies! Plus, it comes with a headband to complete the look.

Formal Baby Clothes: Dress

2. My First Tuxedo

Your little man isn’t going to feel left out at this party. Dress him in his very first tuxedo. The tuxedo design is printed right on the black fabric and the adorable bow tie is attached. The onesie even makes it look like he’s wearing fancy dress shoes. All the ladies at the party will love him!

Formal Baby Clothes: Tuxedo

3. Three-Piece Golf Outfit

Not all formal events require a tuxedo. Sometimes you want something between your everyday casual clothes and your black tie attire. In that case, dress your little man in this three-piece golf outfit. This ensemble will fit in at the country club, a garden tea party or Easter celebrations. It comes with a matching golf hat and booties.

Formal Baby Clothes: Golf Outfit

4. Bow Headbands

It’s true for grown women just as it is for babies: You can dress up any outfit with just a few accessories. In this case, you could get your baby girl ready for that bridal shower with a sassy bow headband.

Formal Baby Clothes: Bow Headbands

5. Trendy Baby Leggings

Maybe you already have a cute top or onesie picked out, but you want leggings that will take a casual outfit to the next level. These printed leggings are trendy enough to keep your baby on the “it” list. Plus, the neutral colors help them match most outfit combinations. These work for a tea party, holiday get-together or birthday bash.

Formal Baby Clothes: Leggings