The British Invasion Strikes Again–This Time It’s Baby Gifts!

english-barber.jpgThose wacky Brits!  I got a great big chuckle out of this photo from the London tourism board encouraging summer travel.  It just goes to show you that they’re always up to something, and you can definitely see their influence just about everywhere.  But while there are so many similarities between our cultures, when it comes to language–we’re worlds apart.  Do you know what you would call an umbrella in England?  A bumbershoot!  It even seems funny reading it, let alone saying it out loud.  Yes, in jolly old England, an elevator is a lift.  A guard is a beefeater, and a baby carriage is called a pram.  All funny words to us, but then again, maybe our words sound funny to them!

But when you think of England, you might just ponder images of the Queen of England, castles and rolling hills.  Or maybe some of the famous poets like Charles Dickens or the Thames River may come to mind.  But, as for me, I’m thinking baby gifts!  (Probably because I’m surrounded by them every day.)  So in honor of our friends across the ocean, here are some baby gifts that are as striking as Big Ben (get it?!) and as regal as royalty.  What makes them so great, you might ask?  They’re personalized–or as the English would say–personalised baby gifts.

royal-baby.jpgFit for a king, but made for a baby:   Your baby can make a royal statement in this regal onesie that features a whimsical gold crown and the phrase “His Royal Hind-Ness” on…well the rear, of course. Personalize this onesie by including your baby’s name underneath the crown.

pearl-bracelet.jpgCrown Jewels:  This elegant baby bracelet would be a charming addition to your little princess’s wrist.  Crafted from freshwater pearls, her initials can be engraved on the silver charm, making it an instant keepsake.  You might also consider a personalized jewelry box to store your baby’s precious heirlooms.

engraved-silver-spoon.jpgsilver-baby-cup.jpgMonarchy has its privileges:  It’s no question that the royal family is loaded. They have more money than any of us will see in five lifetimes.  But, even though you might not have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you can certainly act like it with this personalized silver spoon.  Or how about a silver sippy cup?  Whether you include an initial or the baby’s name, it’s a gift that shows you have good taste.