Temps Will Show with Babyglow

 Here’s an interesting, new invention I thought you might like to check into. It’s called the “Babyglow,” and it’s an infant bodysuit that changes colors when baby gets overheated or has a rising temperature, so parents can catch a catastrophic illness early. Not a bad idea.

Inventor Chris Ebejer with 2-month old Lillie Yould who is modelling Babyglow


The photo on the left is inventor Chris Ebejer, who says heat is invisible, so his suit changes color to make it visible. Mr. Ebejer got the idea from a documentary about babies with high temperatures, which can cause baby’s brain to shut down. High temps can also be an indication of meningitis.  A father himself, Ebejer began the search for an ink pigment with heat-sensitive molecules. He worked with scientists to develop the color-changing pigments which are embedded into cotton. Your baby can’t tell you when his or her temperature is rising, but the Babyglow bodysuit can.


Babyglows come in pink, blue and green, and they all turn white as soon baby’s temp rises above 98.6 degrees (see photo below.) I wonder if the same pigments might work and be effective in baby blankets or sleep sacks. It might get a bit costly to buy enough Babyglows to get baby through the year at about $32.50 each.

The blue Babyglow suit for boys turns white when the child's temperature rises too much

The Babyglow won’t be available until October, but there’s big buzz about this product. So what do you think?  Even if they didn’t have an important and practical purpose, I think these bodysuits are pretty darn hot–and theyre fantastic baby gifts!