Summer Baby Shower Inspiration

Summer Baby Shower Inspiration

It's time to evoke the sunshine and botanical aesthetic of the warmest season with a summer baby shower. Whether it's through citrus centerpieces or a warm color scheme, your shower will be a hit. Not sure how to decorate or plan the food? With these fun ideas, the parents-to-be will have a summer baby shower they'll never forget.

1. The Sunny Outdoors

Though you might have limited options, a summer baby shower is best served outdoors in the warm sun. Backyard barbecues and garden parties leave guests comfortable and happy. Set up picnic tables and put out bouquets of fresh flowers to tie everything together.

 Outdoor Baby Shower

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2. The Colors of Summer

When thinking of a color scheme for the baby shower, the colors of summer fit right in. Whether you know the baby's gender or not, a peach and green color scheme is a great summery alternative to the classic blues or pinks. Bring in the color with balloon archways, flower centerpieces, and streamers.

Summer Colors

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3. Citrusy Centerpieces

It's easy to evoke memories of summer lemonade stands when guests see these citrusy centerpieces on your tables. Add real lemons, limes, and oranges to bouquets and place settings. The fresh scent of real citrus fruits will give the shower a summery aura.

Citrus Centerpieces

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4. The "Mom-osa" Bar

Celebrate mom with a "mom-osa" bar. Mimosas are the perfect brunch drink for a summer party. Add several varieties of fruit juices for guests to choose from, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic champagnes. 

Momosa Bar

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5. Summery Sweet Treats

Some desserts just scream "summer fun." As you compile sweet treats for your summer dessert table, consider treats that have the flavors of summer but that won't melt in the sunshine. Your guests will love lemon bars, macarons, and cake pops.

Dessert Table

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