Strollin’ Into Debt with a $1000 Pram!

stroller.jpgSince CNN did a story on this very topic recently, I thought we’d spend a few minutes discussing the pros and cons of strollers and prams that cost a thousand bucks. Not only does the Bugaboo Chameleon stroller on the left come in about 20 different color choices, there are a plethora of accessories, like a sunshade, a cup holder and diaper bag you can add to the tab. The totally tricked-out stroller even has suspension in the wheels for a smooth ride.

Still, you might say “Why would anyone spend that kind of money on something that will only be used maybe three years?” Good question. Here’s one answer. If you’ve got the kind of disposable income that reduces the cost of this pram to pocket change, why not? For wealthy grandparents, it’s a heck of a baby gift for your grandchild.

And here are some reasons why many people without Swiss bank accounts are now choosing higher-end strollers and prams. First, it’s very likely that parents plan to have more than one child, so a more durable, well-built stroller makes sense. Buy the best from the get-go and you’ll probably have it as long as you need it. It should even last long enough to be handed down to one of those kids in 20 years.

While many parents say it really doesn’t matter what kind of stroller the baby rides in, they also say there’s virtually no chance that the high-end strollers will be subject to an overseas recall, something that’s been happening more and more frequently. Safety and convenience seem to be the motivation for this high-ticket stroller purchase. Another reason the CNN story gave to explain the rise in sales of expensive strollers is the reality that people are having children at a later date. The two-person income up until that point has given them the means to buy the best for their children–something everyone wants to do. And of course, they do admit an attraction to the fashion statement these strollers make.

pramboxes_b_s21.jpgchoccarriage.jpg I prefer to give much-less expensive prams and carriages as baby shower favors. Check out the adorable pram favor boxes on the left! The only accessories they come with are the goodies I put inside. And speaking of goodies, those chocolate carriage favors to your right actually came with suspension in the wheels for a smooth ride–but I ate them.Maybe next time we’ll talk about the $2,500 reproduction vintage prams that are also flying off the showroom floors. I hear you need to buy collision and liability insurance for them…