Stretching Baby Formula: Good for Wallet, Bad for Baby

baby-with-bottle.jpg2:00 am.  4:00 am.  6:00 am.  Mealtime for babies comes all too often.  And for many parents, their pocketbook just can’t seem to keep up.  Let’s face it.  If you’ve chosen not to or can’t breastfeed, the only alternative is baby formula.  But it can be expensive.  That’s why many parents consider watering down or stretching the baby formula to make it last longer.

It sounds like a good idea, but in reality, it’s a harmful one.  Diluting the formula with too much water can cause problems.  Because babies’ kidneys aren’t fully able to process or flush the extra water, their cells become bloated with fluid and everything swells. It can cause a condition know as hyponatremia.  In Florida, a woman discovered this condition first hand after rushing her unconscious and convulsive baby to the hospital.  After examination, the doctors said it was water intoxication. The mother admitted to the doctors that she had been adding water to her infant’s formula to make it last longer.

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