Stop Color Discrimination Now…Don’t Just Think Pink For Baby-Girl Gifts!

I wonder who came up with the idea that pink is for girls and blue is for boys?  Whoever did must have never seen the cool shade of lavender next to a baby’s skin or how a bright yellow can make any baby outfit shine like the sun.  With everyone bent on these boy/girl color choices, do you think the other colors feel discriminated against?  I hope not, because there are plenty of other shades in the rainbow that will suit a little girl just fine.  In this day and age of equality, don’t all colors deserve a chance?  Of course they do.

A radical past?

I myself have always been a girlie girl, but I was very fond of blue during my teenage years.  Maybe it was because of the different shades I discovered along the way, everything from cool blue skies to terrific turquoise.  Different each time, it even took on a new personality as navy dress suit–classic, chic and about business.  Later in life, I was drawn to (and still am) earth tones.  Red, coral, brown and gold are exquisite to me.  So you see, I’ve never really been a “pink” kind of girl.  And my guess is that there are plenty of other color radicals out there as well.  Should we conform?  Heck no!  We must take our message to the masses.  Rethink pink and start from birth with the baby gifts we buy for little girls.

End the discrimination, now!

nursery-rhymes-quilt.jpgFor all those baby girls with a slightly different inner hue, here are some wonderful baby girl gift ideas that help celebrate her individuality.  This Nursery Rhymes quilt shares the wonderful stories of Mother Goose.  You remember the “Three Little Pigs,” “Hey Diddle, Diddle” and “Mary Had A Little Lamb?”  Well, so will your little girl with this keepsake quilt that comes in it’s own lullaby luggage–ready to go to grandma’s house.

daisy-birth-plate.jpgOr, how about this one?  Maybe I’m just partial to the blue, but isn’t this turquoise birth plate adorable?  It’s hand painted and personalized with your little girl’s name, and it even has a blessing surrounding the delicate daisy in the middle.  It’s a very cute way to make mealtime special.

silver-baby-cup.jpgSpeaking of special…while she may not have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she can certainly have a silver cup in her hand to enjoy her favorite beverages.  And with this baby keepsake gift, you can be sure there will be no spills because of the secure sippy lid on top.  Hooray!  Milk and juice for everyone!

So you see.  There are plenty of baby gifts for girls that aren’t pink.  But just so you don’t feel that I think pink stinks or if you’re simply wanting a pink baby gift, head on over to Corner Stork Baby Gifts.  We’ve got plenty of them, too!  After all…we don’t discriminate.