Social Media Makes Its Mark on Baby Gifts

Baby TextingHi! HRU? ?4U.  RU OTT when it comes to IM, FB and Twitter?   IMO,  F2F interaction E123 compared to this. KNIM? I feel like an IWIAM. But if this is your thing, MTFBWU.

For those of you who are still ramping up your social media language skills, here’s a translation:

Hi! How are you? Question for you. Are you over the top when it comes to instant messaging, Facebook and Twitter? In my opinion, face-to-face interaction is as easy as 1-2-3 compared to this. Know what I mean? I feel like an idiot wrapped in a moron. But if this is your thing, may the force be with you.

And a powerful force it is. So powerful, in fact, that social media permeates every aspect of our lives—including the world of baby gifts and baby clothes. We just don’t tweet and FB to show you what’s hot in baby fashion. Today, the medium is truly the message. You just have to be a kid to understand most of it.

Social Media BodysuitSocial Media BodysuiteThe younger, the better.  That’s why these two baby bodysuits are a big hit! I have a niece who’s not even two years old, and she’s already going to town on her mom’s iPhone. She has a long way to go to memorize all the text-messaging and chat abbreviations (there are hundreds!), but I’m fairly confident she’ll get there way before I do. Meanwhile, I highly recommend this stylish social media-plugging attire for the nOOb* in your life! BBS!

* Newbie!