Singer Lily Allen Announces Pregnancy

corner-stork-baby-gifts.jpgOn this side of the world, everyone is obsessed with the news about the pregnancy of Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney’s 16 year old sister and star of Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101). But on the other side of the pond, a new star has become pregnant that has just as much buzz as the Spears sisters. Lily Allen, singer of the song Smile from her award winning album Alright, Still has announced that she is with child. The 22 year old has been dating 37 year old Ed Simons who is said to be the father. Most know Ed as half of the techno music duo, the Chemical Brothers.lily-allen.jpg

Lily is also starting a show that will air on BBC Three called Lily Allen and Friends which will be a show along the lines of “The View”. Lily has already announced that she only wants to release one more album and then leave the music business altogether, but that will be doubtful since apparently her contract states otherwise, baby or not. Not to belay the fact that many people are itching to hear her sophomore effort and if it goes well, she has years ahead of her. Don’t think she’ll be able to pull off what Edie Brickell did by marrying Paul Simon and disappearing into the background.

On the health side, many were amazed at her weight loss, which made her a fashion designers dream, but she said it was for health reasons and not for the public. Mrs. Allen has a heart murmur that was made known in the Summer of 2007 and she’s simply trying to live right. Although, Lily does have the nasty habit of smoking and has yet to kick that monkey, but with baby in tow, the smoke free lifestyle should be right around the corner.