Should I Get a Smash Cake?

Have you heard of smash cakes? They’re small cakes made especially for your little one to tear into with her fists.

Should I Get a Smash Cake?

Image via Kristine’s Kitchen

If you’re having trouble deciding if a smash cake would be great for a first birthday, read on.

  • Can you afford two cakes? If you’re getting a smash cake, that one’s reserved for the birthday boy alone. Unless no one else wants cake, you’ll have to get a second one for everyone else.
  • Can you handle the mess? You know how kids can be. They’re very messy eaters. If a smash cake is involved, be prepared for it to go everywhere.
  • Do you cut back on sugar? If you want any control over the amount of sugar your kid gets, stick to a regular cake. Because when she’s going at that cake herself, all bets are off.
  • Will anyone be jealous? It can be tough when there are slightly older siblings in the room. They may just want to smash the cake themselves. Unless the older kids don’t mind letting the birthday boy go at it solo, you might have to skip the smash cake.
  • Do you want lasting memories? The best part of a smash cake is the pictures and video from the event. Your one-year-old smothered in cake and frosting is a memory you’ll never forget. Nor will they, when you show those shots to prospective mates 20 years later.

Will you get a smash cake?