Sexy Moms-to-Be Wear Italian Maternity Designs!

Gucci, Prada, Versace, Fendi. Italian designers have always given us the sexiest clothing designs, and maternity wear is no exception. Put that big belly behind a beautiful Italian ensemble and strut your stuff. I’ve always loved a lot of the clothes European designers have brought us (although some of the outfits that walk the runway are pretty ridiculous, I’m sure some women out there will wear them.) As with lots of cool clothing that you can’t find in US stores, just browse online until you find what you want and place your order. Here are just a few examples of Italian maternity-wear mastery:


If you want to give a hot mom-to-be a baby shower gift that will perpetuate her spiciness after the baby’s born, give her a bellissimo diaper bag designed to be useful, stylish and sexy! You can choose the right size, color and style bag from the huge selection at Corner Stork Baby Gifts. Here are three of my favorites. Just click on the photos to find out more:

diaperbag2.jpg diaperbag31.jpgdiaperbag4.jpg