Retro Baby Bibs Never Go Out Of Style!

Paying homage to nursery rhymes and vintage snacks, these bib sets from Baby Aspen are adorable, to say the least.  Pull up a high chair, and let me tell you all about them.

Animal Crackers Bibs

These animals are ready to catch all sorts of spills!

Just the right size for 0-3 months, these “Animal Crackers for Messy Snackers” bibs help keep baby clean at mealtime while they’re getting that whole dexterity thing down.   Featuring giraffes, elephants, lions and monkeys, for me, it’s the package that makes the gift.  Isn’t the little animal crackers box too cute?  Almost an exact replica, this one is better because of the fun nutrition facts on the side: Contains 100% Daily Value of Love, Giggles, Hugs, Warmth, Kisses and more.

Giving a great gift is a piece of cake!

Patty Cake BibsIf nursery rhymes make you sing, then you’ll be singing our praises over this one.  Based on the Patty Cake rhyme, we’ve baked up some helpful bibs for baby to wear.  Each one has a different baking motif and comes in this cute-as-can-be oven gift box.  It’s perfect for a “bun in the oven” baby shower, isn’t it?

Since 45% of parents have more than 11 baby bibs, these gift sets will get you well on your way.  You can also give them as baby shower gifts because a Mom can never have too many bibs!

Fun Bib Fact: In the early 1700’s, bibs were first worn by nobility to protect their clothes (babies didn’t start wearing them until much later).