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Pregorexics–Not Eating for Two…

Pregorexics are a new one on me. You, too? Pregorexics are women who take anorexia to a new level of insanity–when these women become pregnant and start to show, they freak out because they’re getting fat, so they stop eating or become bulemic. I certainly recognize anorexia and bulemia as eating disorders, and being the humble owner of an eating disorder myself (i.e. too much of it), I can relate to the struggle. But we’re talking about another life here, one you’re totally responsible for, and if you want your baby to thrive and survive, you have to give it nourishment. It’s that simple. So what the hell are these women thinking? If you take on a little bit of fat for a delightful reason (a reason which is not available to overeaters), that’s a good thing, right? Unfortunately, we can’t assume that all these women planned their pregnancies. For some, I imagine this is a form of self-abortion. For those who actually planned their babies and want them–did they really have no idea what to expect or what was going to happen to their bodies? I hope the fathers of these babies or the parents of these women step in and do something–talk some sense into them, force-feed them or have them hospitalized for the duration of their pregnancy. In a very real way, this is child abuse. The sad fact is that a fetus doesn’t have the time to wait for its mother to go through months of therapy to resolve this dangerous eating disorder. If you’re a mother-to-be, for your baby’s sake, eat something!