Pregnant in Winter has offered a wealth of great tips for women who are pregnant in the dead of winter. has offered a wealth of great tips for women who are pregnant in the dead of winter. While most of the tips they provided are very helpful for those women who are pregnant in a location that is inundated with snow, these tips can also be helpful for pregnant women living in states that are just plain cold. They offered 12 great tips for all pregnant mommies-to-be and we picked the best 5 that will be universally helpful to all pregnant women.

Get Some Good Shoes – Purchase ones with good traction and grip so that you can walk more confidently and more comfortably. You can really hurt yourself and your baby if you take an unnecessary spill that can be remedied with a good pair of boots.

Get Regular Pedicures – This isn’t about the luxury of getting a pedicure, it’s about promoting good circulation. The foot and calf massage that usually accompanies a pedicure is very important to maintaining good blood flow for you and your baby.

pregnant-bottle.jpgDon’t be Afraid to Take Medicine – As with all medications you should always ask your doctor, but for normal pregnancies it’s safe to take most over the counter cold medications. You shouldn’t be afraid of taking something unless you’re in a special circumstance with your pregnancy like blood clots, diabetes, etc. So again, check with your doctor first, but there isn’t a need to be overly paranoid.

Drink More Water – While this seems like a no brainer, you’d be surprised how badly pregnant women get dehydrated and when they get dehydrated, so does the baby which can be VERY life threatening. This can also cause a lack of the proper elasticity of your belly giving you a dry belly and increased stretch marks. Use lotion to soothe stretching of dry skin, but keep hydrated inside out also.

flu-shot.jpgGet Your Flu Shot – You may have been able to put it off in the past, but get it during your second or third trimester as a safety precaution. You don’t need to get deathly ill while you’re pregnant when the prevention is readily available to you.

These tips plus many others can be found on the American Baby website . Don’t forget that your best bet is to stay warm, dry and safe during the winter months. And while you’re staying cozy, invite your friends over for a baby shower to help celebrate the new addition to your family.