Pregnant Brides Have New Store

pregnant-bride.jpgWomen that got pregnant outside of wedlock used to be treated disrespectfully as if they had dishonored themselves.  Pregnant brides were definitely frowned upon.  To make matters worse, finding a wedding dress that would fit good on the Big Day just as well as when they got fitted for it was impossible.  Luckily, Tracy Wilkinson saved the day by opening the doors to her shop in Chiswick, west London called Expectant Bride.

Expectant Bride focuses on dresses that grow right along with the bride’s belly. The dresses are made longer up front so that they don’t ride up across the top of her belly as she gets larger and the dress fitters are specially trained to properly estimate how large the bride will be on her wedding day.

Mrs. Wilkinson herself was a pregnant bride and had a difficult time finding a dress to fit her properly.  “You can’t just wear a large sized normal dress as you look like you’re wearing a tent. The dresses I sell look like a normal bridal gown but they are discreetly made to fit a bump,” Tracy adds, “The brides tend to come in about three months before the wedding. Times have definitely changed and it is no longer frowned upon to get married while pregnant. The business is doing really well.”

Their online shops also offer brides around the world to browse through their collection at Those that are located in the United States and Canada can view our collection of hundreds of baby shower favor ideas, personalized baby gift ideas and helpful article on pregnancy, babies and parenting.  It just goes to show that brides have a lot more alternatives available to them than what existed even 5 years ago.