Pregnant and Fashionable

Some people assume that being pregnant takes away all privileges of being fashionable.

Well, as we all know they are dead wrong!

Just  because you have your newly-developed, lovely, baby bump does not mean its sweatpants and t-shirts for you from here on out.  There are plenty of options and opportunities for you to sport some sexy get-up and flaunt your style no matter how big your belly!

Vanity Fair recently came out with their choice for “The Top 10 Best-Dressed Pregnant Ladies“.

Here is some fashion inspiration for you from the pregnant celebs who made the top 10 list:

Kate Middleton

The duchess conceals her (bare minimum of a) bump with three-quarter-length coats and short skirts that also help to draw attention to enviably still-svelte stems.

Halle Berry

Not only does she look stunning, as always, in this beautiful evening gown but she is rocking the totally daring and dangerous pixie haircut, while pregnant!

Lara Stone

Don’t we all wish we could pull off a skin-tight dress like this; even when we are not pregnant!

“According to Jody Kozlow Gardner, coauthor of Pregnancy Chic: The Fashion Survival Guide (Villard), the key to dressing modern and sexy during pregnancy is to pick out the trends you like and adapt them to your new body.”

If you tend to need a little help in the fashion department, here is a video on 6 Tips for a Stylish Pregnancy.