Pregnancy Discrimination: Bad Business or Good Sense?

frustrated-woman.jpgIt’s not fair, but it definitely makes sense.  No, I’m not talking about firing or mistreating someone because she’s pregnant but whether or not a company hires her late in the game–particularly, the final trimester.  In this tough economy, you can’t blame anyone for wanting to find a good job, especially when you’ve been out of work for three months.  But in the case of one Utah woman, it might just not be the time to interview.


With many, many doors closed in her face, this former travel agent has filed a discrimination claim because each time she gets to the face-to-face interview, even the most exciting and hopeful opportunities turn cold.  Why?  Because she’s six months pregnant!  Potential employers take one look at her, and all they can see are the extras that come with her package.  I’m sure the dollar signs are adding up in their heads as they quickly calculate the cost of training her, the cost of insurance, and the cost of re-training and hiring a temp while she’s on maternity leave all within the next three months.  Whew! That’s a lot for even the most sympathetic of employers to take.


Wait.  Does she need a job? Sure.  But with three more months until delivery, she probably needs to wait until after the baby is born. I’m not saying that it’s right, but it is reality.  She’s likely a great candidate and would make an even greater employee.  But right not, it’s hard to see beyond the bump.  In three short months, she’ll have a wonderful baby boy or girl to focus her attention on and then she can get back to the business of job hunting.  I truly hope that she has the support to allow her to wait it out.  Or maybe she could focus on opportunities that don’t require her to start work right away, such as a company that is building a new facility or store.  Having a job waiting after the baby is born would be great!

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