Pregnancy and Facebook

We all know how people love to share every little detail of their lives on Facebook for the world to see.  Whether it’s through constant status updates like: “Taking Buddy for a walk” or “Making spaghetti for the kids” or through pictures that are conveniently snapped with the latest iPhone camera and then uploaded instantaneously.

Well it turns out that Facebook might not be as accepting of some images that are posted on their site as others.  A reporter at Jezebel magazine recently revealed that there have been several incidents of photos showing pregnant women that have been taken down by the authorities at Facebook.

Reporter, Irin Carmon, claimed “the photos include the thumbnail for a blog post about celebrity baby bump photo shoots, Demi Moore style pregnancy photos, and an assortment of breastfeeding images”.

When Carmon questioned Facebook about the incidents she received this response:

“We don’t have a special standard for pregnant women. Our policies prohibit nudity and are designed to ensure Facebook remains a safe and trusted environment for everyone, including the many children (over the age of 13) who use the service.”

While Facebook does filter some pregnancy images, there are certainly others that get overlooked that create quite a stir among Facebook users.

Here are 6 common Facebook “Fails” of pregnant women according to The Stir:

  1. Sonogram Shots
  2. Constant Complaining
  3. The Birth Photo
  4. Referring to Your Unborn Baby by Name
  5. Labor Details
  6. Private Details