Pre-Stained Baby Clothes? Cute or Crazy!?

prestained-onesie.jpgIn a world of pre-made everything, baby clothes have taken their place in our pre-fabricated world.

Some people’s creativity and ingenuity never ceases to amaze me.  Take this line of pre-stained baby clothes from Progeny.  Yep!  Pre-stained baby clothes.  The idea was so unique that I felt I had to tell you about it.  At first I wondered, “Who in the world would by pre-stained clothes?  Most prefer their stains out, not in.  So why buy something that’s already dirty?”

Here’s the concept.  Children are messy–get over it!  Anyone who has spent all day feeding and changing a baby over and over knows how frustrating and time consuming it can be.  The idea here is to dress your child in “soiled” clothes (made from actual food, grass, dirt and cosmetics) so the new stains don’t look so bad.  It’s a “misery loves company” idea, I guess.  If the shirt is already covered with grape juice stains that somehow spilled out of the sippy cup, who’s gonna notice one more well-placed drop?

While the idea may be a little radical for some (and maybe even me), I couldn’t help wondering if they included a note for less-motivated parents who might use this as an excuse not to actually wash the clothes.  It could say something like, “Just because a stain blends in doesn’t mean it’s not there.  To be on the safe side, you’ll probably need to wash it.”  Just kidding.  I know that no one would ever be that lazy, right?

lunch-on-me-shirt.jpgI admit, my first thought was that this must definitely be a guy thing!  Maybe, maybe not.  But just in case you’re the old fashioned type who wants your baby to stain his own clothes, here’s a cute way for your baby to say “Lunch Is On Me” without the actual food stain.  This adorable gift set includes a pre-printed (not stained) onesie that comes in a personalized lunch box.  How cute!  It’s a personalized baby gift that gets your baby ready for fun at feeding time.

pink-chocolate-outfit.jpgNow if you’re over the whole “messy baby” idea, you might want to consider a precious outfit that will make your baby look like a little darling whether she is clean or not.  And this pink on chocolate 3-piece baby outfit is just the right outfit for her.  Now that the temperatures are cooling off a bit (thank goodness!) , you’ll both appreciate the long-sleeve top and the coordinating hat.  Since it fits newborns up to 6 months, it’s a great fall baby shower gift!

hybrid-onesie.jpgIf you want to send an entirely different message, try some of the eco-friendly baby clothes from Corner Stork Baby Gifts.  Baby can remind us all that you’re never too young to take a stand against high gas prices.  The statement “I only ride hybrid” is just too cute!  There are other designs for the “Eco Princess” and one wishing for a “Green World.”  All designs are made of 100% organic cotton and are kind to the environment.