Pour Some Tea for the New Mommy to Be

Don't compromise on elegance‚ÄĒ pour some tea for the new mommy-to-be! Celebrate the mother and the bundle of joy to be with this timeless and classy theme. With charming tea time party favors and decor, planning a special day is extremely easy and ensures that your party will be hassle-free. Endless tea, graceful decorations, and a glowing mommy-to-be equal the perfect combination for an insurmountable amount of laughs and memories and an unforgettable day.¬†

Make your Party Perfect with These Par-Tea Essentials!

The tea time whimsy "Par-Tea" kit is the perfect staple for your baby shower! Including two pre-strung banners, one that reads "Par-Tea," and one that reads "Time," embellished in opulent, gold foil typography, these cute teapot and cup-shaped cardstock banners make for a photo backdrop or just party decor. This precious kit will pull together the whole baby shower, and is an absolute essential for any tea time themed party!

Tea Time Whimsy "Par-Tea" Time Party Kit

Eat Tasty Tea-reats on These Pretty Plates!

With these 9 in. paper plates, treat guests and the mommy to be with an elegant table spread. Pair with the tea time whimsy 9 in. paper cups to complete the theme; these hassle-free, disposable paper plates are decorated with a pink and green floral pattern surrounded by a pink and gold foil border. Eat delicacies and tasty treats, finger sandwiches, or small desserts on these whimsical plates in a tea time wonderland.

Tea Time Whimsy 9 in. Paper Plates

Dreamy Decor for an Alluring Tea Time Affair!

Ceramic bud vases serve as captivating, classy pieces of decor. This ceramic vase is made to look like a teapot with two teacups stacked on top of each other; with intricate gold foil details, it makes for a perfect table centerpiece and decor for any tea party themed event. Add a slight, but statement-making touch to your special day all the way to the last detail.

Tea Time Whimsy Ceramic Bud Vases

Tea Time Favor Boxes are the New Favorites!

With these teapot favor boxes, both timeless and true to any tea time extravaganza, gift the perfect take-home present for guests!¬†Ideal for fitting small favors and treats, the teapots tie together a graceful look for a tea party baby shower. These gorgeous favors will definitely be cherished by guests and the mommy to be long after‚ÄĒ keeping the celebrating alive even after the day is done.

Tea Time Whimsy Teapot Favor Boxes

Tea for Two!

The "Tea for Two" teapot tea infuser makes for not only a great tea party goodbye gift to thank guests but also a  functional centerpiece. It can be used with an array of calming, rejuvenating teas; made with stainless steel, this teapot-shaped tea infuser is a heartwarming party favor that guests can take home. Sip as you celebrate mama!

"Tea for Two" Teapot Tea Infuser 

Make a Wish for the Sweet Bundle of Joy To Be!

The wish jar with heart shaped cards is a wonderful activity for guests to contribute to! This elegantly designed wish glass jar comes with 50 heart-shaped cards for guests to write down a few words of wisdom, advice, and/or well wishes to the new parents to look back upon after their wish-come-true has arrived. This shower advice jar will fit perfectly in baby's nursery so mommy can look through any time‚ÄĒ and remember the smiles, laughs, and memories made that special day!

Wish Jar with Heart Shaped Cards