Poor J-Lo and Marc Need Friends to Buy Baby Gifts

jenniferlopez.jpgHappy March, everyone! Sue here with my TWIST (The Way I See Things!)–wondering how the Anthony’s next door are making do now that they have Max and Emme eating into their paychecks. Seriously. According to an LA Times blog, the new parents have registered for baby gifts at Petit Tresor in LA, which I imagine is the baby gift equivalent of Tiffany’s or Versace. Don’t walk in there with less than one of these in your pocket:


She’s asking for a $1,250 designer diaper bag and a $3,450 Balmoral stroller. Aren’t we all? OK. So here’s the richest woman under 40 (according to the blog and Fortune magazine) lobbying her family and friends for high-end gifts that she and her husband can buy with the cash in their change purses. The blogger suggests they’re trying to be like us normal people, and they’re simply not. On the other hand, these two people have a world of friends who are in the income bracket that can afford that stuff without asking “how much?” So what’s the harm?

But why should they register for baby gifts in the first place? With the friends they have, I’d let them choose whatever they’d like to buy me. Think about it. Celebs are always falling all over each other in an effort to make the news by giving one another the biggest, the best, the most expensive whatever. Chances are J-Lo would wind up with a $5,000 diaper bag and a $10,000 stroller. Then Max throws up all over the stroller and it’s $10K worth of junk…

celestial-basket.jpggoodmothergoosem.jpgAhh, you and I both know there are lots of fabulous, unique baby gifts out there that don’t cost an actor’s per-picture salary. Here are two I personally picked out for little Emme and Max. How perfect is this! The Twins Celestial Basket has little stars on the layette items! And Mother Goose on the right is a personal favorite of mine. She has a special compartment where she carries three little nursery rhyme characters, each one with their own soft book with the nursery rhyme inside. Cute definitely trumps cost!