Playing It Safe With Inflatables & Moonwalks

child-on-inflatable.jpgWhether it’s for a birthday party of just a day of fun, indoor playrooms filled with inflatables are jumping up all over.

Years ago, these ginormous jumping houses were only enjoyed at carnivals as a once-in-a-while wonder.  But now, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to have fun with them.  While they’re a great place for parties and give the illusion of supervised play, parents still need to look before their children leap with these safety precautions:

  • Everyone should wear a pair of socks when jumping (even in the summer when most kids will have on sandals.)  Be sure to take a pair with you, just like when you go bowling.
  • Make sure the facility has adequate staff and that there is someone actually watching the children and not just behind the counter.
  • Pay attention to how the inflatables are connected and taken care of, watching for excessive wear and tear and loose connections.
  • Watch the front door.  Be sure there is a way to prevent kids from wandering out or strangers from coming in.

frog-pull-toy.jpgcowboy-rocker.jpgTaking these extra steps can help make sure that your child plays it safe.  They are a fun way to spend an afternoon, just like these baby toys.  And the best part is that there’s no hot air required.  Your child can rock the day away or enjoy vintage games like a wooden pull toy.  Children of all ages can enjoy these, and they make great baby gifts too–especially for a child who’s too small for the big jumpers.  And if you’re wondering what to give big brother or sister, they also make excellent sibling gifts, too!