Parenting Hits an All New Low

Mr. Christopher from the Corner Stork Baby Blog once again with some disturbing news. 

child-abuse-in-car-wash.jpgMr. Christopher from the Corner Stork Baby Blog once again with some disturbing news. Fox News reported today that a woman is caught on video pulling into an Orlando car wash facility, putting money into the car wash while another woman drags her daughter out of the car and sprays her with the high powered water sprayer. The car wash owner, Marlene Diaz saw it happening and immediately called the authorities to report the incident. Diaz overheard the lady telling the child in Spanish, “You’re not gonna disrespect me, don’t worry I’m not gonna hit you. I’m just gonna get you with cold water, you’re gonna learn to respect me. You’re not gonna treat me bad,” So even though the child was being sprayed with a sprayer that has enough force to rip off your first layer of skin, the child was consoled that she wouldn’t be hit. How nice. The woman then proceeded to grab the little girl when she was trying to get away and then held her arm as she sprayed the toddler about the legs, body and even a few times across her face. Diaz went to assist as she heard the girl screaming, but by then it was too late and they had already left.

Orange County, Florida authorities are looking for this woman or for any information leading to her whereabouts and have officially opened an investigation into the video. She was seen driving a White Hyundai Elantra in the Orlando area. The little girl is between 3 and 4 years old. More information can be found at MyFoxOrlando by clicking this link.

I could spend days discussing this subject, but small children under the age of 3 should never be struck or sprayed down with skin ripping water hoses. While I believe in a quick smack on the butt if children are getting out of hand, this type of parenting stoops to an all new low. If you have ANY information on this matter, please use the video above for contact information and help give this woman the punishment she deserves.