Our Garden Grows Baby Shower Favors!

flower pots

In the gardening world, when you plant tomato seeds, you get tomatoes.  The same holds true for just about anything you plant in the garden.  You get exactly what you expect, in most cases.  But, when it comes to our garden of life, you might get a few surprises!

Planting seeds of patience may mean that you’ll have to reap a lot of challenging situations that help you develop your patience skills.  Depositing seeds of faithfulness can mean that you’ll grow into the “go to” person for everyone else’s issues because you know how to get things done.  Yep, you just never know how things will turn out in life, but with Corner Stork’s garden of favors–good things are always blooming!

Favors In Full Bloom

polka dot watering cansblooming babies tinTake our new watering cans for example.  These precious little, liquid life-givers can really pour on the water to thirsty plants, but the real benefit comes when you fill them with a treat for your guests.  Available in pink and blue, the polka dots dazzle the container and make quite a first impression.

If you’re planning a special gathering for your newest sprout, pair it with the Blooming Babies baby shower favor kit. Both the tin and the can are ready to be filled with candy, potpourri, seeds or whatever else you fancy.

When it comes to our do-it-yourself baby shower favors, planting a little time yields a beautiful result.