Ooh, Baby! Hard-Driving Moms Drool Over NASCAR Cuties!

nascar-fans.jpgAbout 40% of NASCAR fans are women—not surprising when you peel off those helmets to find some of the hunkiest men in sports with 750-horsepower engines all ready to go! Yes, I confess I’ve sat in front of my family-room TV watching lots of loud cars go screaming around in circles for hours. And I know auto racing is not supposed to be a contact sport, but I guarantee you most NASCAR fans will agree with me that it’s much more exciting to watch when it is.


It’s not that I want to see anyone get hurt. 99% of the time, drivers in racing wrecks come out completely unharmed. It’s just their cars that take the dents, dings and scratches. Better the cars than those mighty-fine faces.


There’s something incredibly masculine about race car drivers. Not only do they take their lives in their hands every time they pass the green flag, they seem to have that outdoorsy, rugged look—always a turn-on. Combine that with a gorgeous face, and vroooom-vrooooom! I’d love to check under the hood of these three NASCAR drivers–David Ragan, Kasey Kane and Carl Edwards:nascar-david-ragan.jpg


More and more women in all walks of life, and especially moms, are becoming NASCAR fans every day. CafeMom.com actually has a NASCAR group page where moto-moms can talk about their favorite driver, share photos, share race experiences and talk about their favorite tracks.  If you know a NASCAR mom, and you need some NASCAR baby gift ideas, you’re parked at the right place. Corner Stork has NASCAR baby gifts that will drive Mom wild!

nascar-pit-stop-romper.jpgnascar-rocking-chair.jpg Baby boys and girls look adorable in the NASCAR “Frequent Pit Stops” Romper (left,) and you must admit it tells it like it is! On the right is one of my favorites, the NASCAR Youth Rocking Chair for babies a little closer to learner’s permit age. The rocker comes in your choice of orange or red, and you’ll also be interested to know that car #9 on the race track belongs to none other than Kasey Kahne. For the record, number 20 is Tony Stewart, who’s also a speedway sweetie. Bottom line, Corner Stork Baby Gifts always take the pole position—and the checkered flag!