Octuplets Update: I Guess 8 Really Isn’t Enough!

multiple-babies.jpgIt’s amazing to think of one woman delivering EIGHT babies at one time, but it’s another thing entirely to find out that she already has SIX other children.

Shocked and surprised that a woman with six other children all under the age of eight would need or want to undergo fertility treatments to have another is beyond me.  Obviously, she’s fertile, so why go to such lengths to have more?  Now, don’t get me wrong, the arrival of every baby is a blessing.  And I must applaud her for not selectively aborting the fetuses when she had the opportunity.  But, babies are a lot of work.  My speculation (and my hope) is that she was acting as a surrogate for another family who wasn’t quite as fertile.  If so, the babies will be an octup-blessing for that family as well.

Either way, congratulations are definitely in order.  Since there has been no mention of a baby shower in the news stories, might I offer my suggestions for great baby gifts for multiples.  Granted, since she had eight at one time, you might have to double up on them, but I’m sure they would be greatly appreciated. And, if you’re expecting twins or even triplets, they’d be great for you, as well.  Just click on the pictures to find out more!