Octuplets’ Six Siblings Deserve Some Attention!

octuplets.jpgThere are a lot of words I can use to describe a woman with six kids, no husband and no job who spends money on in vitro fertilization and has eight more kids in one shot—irresponsible, selfish, mentally challenged, thoughtless, cruel and downright stupid come to mind. Apparently, she grew up as an only child and wanted to make sure her kids had brothers and sisters. Fine, if you can afford them, but the family filed for bankruptcy a little more than a year ago. I would have hoped the doctor who performed the IVF would have had more sense, but clearly not. He should have his license taken away and be made to support those kids until they’re 18, so all we other Americans who are struggling in this economy don’t have to. I would ask, “What were they thinking?” but it’s obvious they weren’t thinking at all.


It should be no surprise to you that most people are disgusted by her actions. According to news reports, Ms. Suleman is not receiving any of the diapers, baby products and supplies usually sent by big baby-oriented companies as public relations and marketing ploys. Nope. They’re steering clear of this one because, quite frankly, this woman deserves nothing for her blatant idiocy. Sure, she’ll be offered book deals, TV deals and movie deals from greedy people who just want to make a buck, but I’m hoping they realize that no one will want to read, see or sponsor anything that supports this woman in her obvious effort to get money.


I do feel badly about the eight newborns who have been born to a mother who is clearly demented. And what about her other six children? They can say goodbye to their childhoods, because as soon as they’re able to care for an infant or toddler, that’s what they’re going to be doing. If you really want to support someone in that family, support the six kids whose lives will be changed forever by their mother’s selfishness. Let’s start a campaign to send her original six children sibling gifts. From what I can gather, she has five boys and one girl ranging from ages two through seven. Here are some gifts for big brother and gifts for big sister that I’m sure they’d love to get, so they don’t feel forgotten in the crowd. At the left is the Shape-Sorting Wooden Clock, which works for boys and girls. The big photo on the right is the “I’m the Big Brother” T-Shirt. She’ll need five of those. And lower left is “Nina Ballerina” Magnetic Dress-up Doll.


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