Nursery Color Trends for 2020

Looking to add the perfect shade of color to baby's new room this upcoming year? We're bringing you three nursery color trends for 2020! These calm shades will bring warmth or light to their room.
Nursery Color Trends for 2020

Looking to add the perfect shade of color to your baby's nursery this year and ditch the standard pink and blue's? We are bringing you three nursery color trends for 2020! While it can be hard to pick the perfect color, we are here to make it easier for you; let's jump into it!

 1. Yellow

Yellow is definitely the color of happiness, and choosing that color for your little one's nursery will bring you joy every time you walk in there. However, we're not talking about painting it a bright, bold shade. Think more of a soft yellow or mustard. This type of shade is more inviting and warm. Colors such as Grey, Salmon, and Mint will complement the yellow beautifully.

Yellow Nursery Room Color

 Feel It Cool


2. Mint Green

Speaking of Mint, this color is perfect for a boy or girl nursery! The pastel color will brighten up the room, adding a sense of freshness to it. You can either opt to decorate the space with bold, contrasting colors or keep it more relaxed with neutral tones. Either way, you can't go wrong decorating a mint nursery.



3. Gray

Gray is an ideal color for a gender-neutral nursery. There are practically an unlimited amount of ways to style a gray nursery. By incorporating accent pieces to the floor or ceiling, you can make the space not only look cozy but also modern and elegant! Playing with textures and different hues of the cool color can also shift the tone of the nursery.



4. Bonus: Floral Design

One print that will carry onto 2020 is the floral design. You can pair it with any color depending on the palette you're going for. We suggest adding pops of gold and pink, animal characters such as deer and swans, and a chandelier for a more chic, romantic look. 

100 Layer Cake-let

No matter what color you choose, you can always put your own little twist on the space! Choosing between different styles, themes, or designs may be the biggest challenge, which is why we are here to guide and help with your decision making!