November is Prematurity Awareness Month





Hello all, Mr. Christopher here with a reminder. For those that don’t know, November is Prematurity Awareness month. For several years, the March of Dimes has had the unenviable task of educating everyone about the effects that premature births not only have on families, but also hospitals, health costs and the infants themselves. There is so much that you can do to learn about how devastating this can be and the March of Dimes should be your first stop in your path of learning.

premie-bands.gifGoing to the March of Dimes website and donating even your spare change can make a huge difference. But also take the time to learn about what causes premature births, how you can detect it early, who is the most susceptible, what complications it causes and what March of Dimes is doing about it.

So if you’re pregnant, planning to become pregnant, know someone who is pregnant or simply want to educate yourself on premature births, visit the March of Dimes website to unravel the mystery and donate whatever you can to help during this November.