New Fisher Price Recalls

corner-stork-baby-gifts.jpgA little behind the ball on this one, but better late than never. My next task is to get a full list of all of the toys that have been recalled in the past 6 months. The strangest ones of course are the ones where if swallowed, they turn into the same components as what’s found in the date rape drug. How is that even possible? I think it’s our responsibility as parents to delve a little deeper into that. It sounds too bizarre and magical to me. Like 100 steps beyond the amazing transformation of Sea Monkeys.

fisherpricerecall.jpgThe last and latest recall is by Fisher Price which is their Laugh and Learn Kitchen Toys which is a pretend sink, refrigerator and oven. They were sold at toy stores between May and October of this year and cost about $70. They have item numbers stamped in multiple locations of the toy that will say L5067. Supposedly, the pieces of the faucet and the clock hands have been coming off. They had almost 50 reports of the pieces coming off including one child who started choking on a piece and another child that actually choked. So if you have one, pack it up and out of the way of kids and call Fisher Price at 888- 812-7187 between 9 and 7 EST for a repair kit.

Meanwhile, all of us parents can take a moment and think how in the world we came out unscathed as kids and what type of pansies are we raising here? I’m all about taking things away from a child that he or she can choke on. I get that. But is our first reaction to something like this to pick up the phone and see if we’ve got a case? What happened to super glueing the piece back on or just throwing it away? Society in a downward spiral.

But anyway, yes, I’ll compile a list of all the recalled toys for those piece eating, paint sucking children out there. And that’s said with a big smile on my face from someone who has 3 children of my own and another piece eating, paint sucking one on the way. This is a blog, not CNN, people.