New Baby Monitor Makes You Mobile

monitor.jpgEvery once in a while a new product comes along that really makes a big difference in the life of a newborn’s mother. Personally, I think Fisher-Price’s “ready2wear monitor” is an impressive step forward. Instead of having a bulky stationary unit you have to carry from room to room as you move about your home, the ready2wear monitor can be worn on your wrist like a wristwatch, or on your arm, shirt or belt loop. You don’t even have to think about it. It’s digital, lightweight and you can move up to 800 feet in any direction, still hearing every peep loud and clear.

sleepingbagm.jpg Not as new on the market, but just as big a step forward, is the baby sleeping bag–a better option than a blanket for safe sleeping. Baby is snuggled in the sleeping bag with cream-colored faux “yeti” fur on the outside and a soft, smooth lining inside, a zipper along the curve at the bottom, two cloth-button closures on both shoulders, velvet tie straps under the arms, and there’s a pouch on the front with a removable, little bear sleeping buddy peeking out.

babymirror.jpgWhile were on products that take safety a step above, how about this mirror that lets you keep an eye on baby while you’re driving, even though baby’s in a forward-facing car seat behind you? The Bear View Infant Car Mirror is designed to fit over any car seat with a sturdy adjustment strap and beanbag cushion. The mirror features a durable, convex 7″ plastic mirror so Mom can observe baby safely through her rear view mirror.  The cute, plush teddy bear surrounding the mirror is a playful distraction for baby, so it’s a win-win product!

So there you are! Three safety-conscious, unique baby gifts that Mom and Dad can really use! Can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next!