New Arrivals: Look What The Stork Just Brought In!

Since storks are all about bringing new additions to the family, I thought I’d share some new additions to our family of baby gifts! We’ve been quite busy at Corner Stork Baby Gifts–doing all we can to keep our selection of baby gifts and baby shower favors as fresh as possible.  We hope that each time you come, you’ll see something brand new to fall in love with, like these latest arrivals:

Towel treats are always sweet!

It just doesn’t get any sweeter than this!  Imagine a baby shower favor that’s creatively clever and useful, and you’ll arrive at the same conclusion we did–these baby shower favors are sweet!  Designed to mimic some our favorite frozen treats and sweets, everyone will be screaming for these “ice cream” treats, cupcakes and lollipops for years to come as they use the towels that are tucked inside!

Get your gift giving in gear!

There’s no better way to rev things up for your new little rookie driver than with a a NASCAR baby gift.  Whether racing all over town or on the way to the finish line, your baby will look like a real winner in these layette sets.