My Niece’s “Bun In the Oven” Baby Shower!


A super baby shower theme, a fun and practical event, a little Internet and Photo Shop magic, and we had one heck of a baby shower for my favorite niece, Cari! She’s due in September, and she and her husband decided to let the baby’s gender be a surprise. I worked with five other relatives and friends of Cari to plan this extraordinary day.


One of her friends suggested we have the shower at My Girlfriend’s Kitchen, where you can put together sensational meals that can be frozen, pulled out later and popped in the oven for a time-and-effort-saving dinner. We thought it would be helpful–and fun–to bag up a bunch of meals for her, so after the baby is born, she and Brian wouldn’t have to worry about cooking for a few weeks. Our 35 guests could either make a meal,  give her a baby gift or both. Since we were having the shower in a “kitchen,” we thought the “bun in the oven” theme, even though it’s a cliche, would work perfectly–and as you can see from the invitation, it did!


buninoven1.jpggrater1.jpgOur shower hours were 1PM to 3Pm, and we served lunch. My Girlfriend’s Kitchen was gracious enough to provide several appetizers, and all the hosts brought more snacks, appetizers, finger sandwiches, potato and pasta salads, casseroles, wine, soft drinks, water and desserts. While some of the guests ate, others stepped up to the prep stations and put a meal together for the guest of honor (and some even made a meal or two for themselves, too!) Everyone loved our baby shower favors, because they were absolutely perfect. The “Bun in the Oven” Cinnamon-scented Candles, cleverly packaged in a stove’s oven, were a huge hit! We also had “World’s Gratest Mom” Cheese Graters, because they went with the cooking and baking theme, too! The guests had a great tiime! The guest of honor, Cari, got some fabulous baby gifts and a break from cooking after she delivers! You might want to consider this idea when you host your next baby shower!