Musical Baby

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No matter what your musical preference is, we all can agree that music is a wonderful, necessary part of life.  Whether you play an instrument yourself, enjoy listening to friends or family play instruments, or just enjoy listening to songs on the radio, music is undeniably healing and brings an abundance of joy to our lives.  Not only is music beneficial for adults but it can benefit people of all ages, including children!

If you are a talented musician or a music lover then chances are your little one will be too! You can encourage your little bundle of joy to be musically inclined starting at a very young age.  You can even listen to music or play music to your baby while he or she is in the womb, which can have a profound impact on them.

Here are three ideas as to how to incorporate music into your child’s life to bring them joy and encourage them to love music as they continue to grow:

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1. Sing

Sing to your baby starting from when they are in the womb until they are old enough to run in the other direction!  No matter if you have a nice singing voice or not, the vibrations that come from our voices when we sing will most definitely be soothing to your baby.

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2. Play Music

Whether it is instrumental, acapella, or a mix of both playing music will be so nourishing to your baby’s soul.  You may find that your child prefers one type of music over another which you can focus on and play for them more often.  By experimenting with all different types of music through radio, cd, or in person you will be exposing your child to the vast world of music which will be so beneficial for him or her throughout the rest of their life.

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3.  Engage in Musical Activities

As your child grows incorporating physical movement into his or her musical world will be beneficial as well.  Whether it is through giving them an instrument to play or just teaching them to dance along with the music and move to the sounds of the rhythm, they will enjoy the time spent together.  They will also learn how to keep the rhythm so much more through dancing, playing, and singing along.