Moses Was a Biblical, Baby Basket-Traveling Trendsetter!

baby-moses.jpgWhen Moses was floating down the Nile to his history-making future, he had no idea he was stylin’ in his basket made from bulrushes and coated with tar and pitch. Today’s trendy “Moses” baskets skip the tar and pitch, probably because most parents aren’t floating their offspring down the local river these days.

Moses’ mode of transportation has become a very hot item in the third millennium, because the Moses basket is is the perfect way to keep baby by your side as you move about the house. It’s also great for visiting.

They’re sturdy yet light-weight, and likely more comfortable then the SS Moses. Considering that he was surrounded by tar and pitch, I’m fairly certain today’s baskets also smell better.


Though Moses (or more accurately his parents and sister Miriam) started the trend, they only had the one style and color. Fortunately, it did the trick. Even Pharoah’s daughter was drawn to its divine design.

These days, Moses baskets are available in an overwhelming selection of colors, fabrics and styles. You can pick up something plain and traditional or color coordinated with a skirt, a canopy and luxurious bedding in soft cotton, washable polyester and even silk.

The basket that delivered Moses was an unforgettable baby gift for Pharoah’s daughter, and today Moses baskets are a popular baby gift, too. The good news is, you won’t have to wander 40 years to find a fabulous Moses basket. Here are three beauties from Corner Stork Baby Gifts, each filled with boutique-quality baby items. Choose from the Moses Basket Deluxe (Prince,) the Moses Basket Deluxe (Princess) and “Our Precious Baby” Gift Basket (which comes in pink or blue.) They’re all fabulous! Pick whichever one floats your basket!