Mood Monitoring Onesie

Remember those cheap, little mood rings that were all the rage back in the 80’s? Well, that technology has been taken to a whole different level today. The latest invention is the Exmobaby, a tiny onesie designed to reveal your infant’s mood and emotions. Quite literally this onesie will monitor your baby’s heartbeat, skin temperature, and movement.
“Detection of emotion from Exmobaby involves software that compares heart rate, delta temperature and movement data (arousal) to heart rate variability and skin temperature (valence). Normally, these data, if tracked over time, enable a system to “guess” from a series of words that could be used to describe an emotional state: anger, fatigue, depression, joy, etc.”
You can even have updates of this data sent to your phone via text message.
“The Exmobaby system is comprised of the biosensor garment itself, which is worn by a baby, a single AAA-battery powered Zigbee transmitter pod that snaps securely onto the garment, a USB Zigbee receiver dongle that plugs into a nearby Windows PC, software for the PC itself, a user website where remote alerts by SMS, AIM and email can be setup.”
The technology is designed to create peace of mind for worried, new parents. The software will actually record your infant’s physical states and label a motivation for each state in order to predict likely causes of future events. So, for example, if your infant is crying the Exmobaby, using pre-recorded history, will be capable of predicting whether your baby is tired or hungry. Seem ridiculous? Well, the Exmobaby technology also claims to be able to reduce the need for medical attention and even reduce the rate of infant deaths due to SIDS.
“Exmobaby clothing and apparel can actually reduce the costs associated with new baby and infant medical attention. Once parents understand the information being communicated by the technology, they will have a greater understanding for what needs medical attention. Without Exmobaby, and especially for new parents, there may be a tendency to overuse doctor visits to check on baby’s condition.”
First-time parents, who are slightly on the ‘paranoid’ side, seem to be the target market for the Exmobaby. However, on their website the product is currently being marketed in bulk to distributors and resellers, as well as doctors, and birth and parenting professionals. While the Exmobaby is still currently under investigational stages, there are a limited number available if you are willing to pay $1,000.