Moms On Call: My Niece’s Best Baby Gift!

cari-and-emme.JPGWell, I never pass up an opportunity to show off my adorable, new great niece, Emerson Rose, and my beautiful niece Cari. Emme, her nickname, is almost one month old. I hung out with them this past Saturday, and she’s terrific. Look at that head of hair! Cari and her husband Brian are still on Cloud Nine, and they’re having a ball being first-time parents. They did a lot of reading before she was born, but some of the most helpful advice came from a very cool baby gift they were given by Brian’s co-workers. With their gift certificate to Moms on Call, Cari and Brian got a personal consultation with an experienced pediatric nurse, who showed them how to handle the first month’s of Emme’s life without feeling exhausted or totally overwhelmed.

More About Moms On Call

Moms on Call began here in Atlanta, GA, when two experience pediatric nurses (with children of their own,) who had been taking after-hours home calls for a pediatric practice, decided to create a business that teaches parents to be “confident and equipped.” They had written and printed dozens of how-to instruction sheets over the years, so they put them together in a manual and produced a DVD for their clients. Besides the personal consultations, which cost $300 for 2.5 hours, you can take an online “Baby Seminar” at their Moms on Call web site.They also sell the manuals and DVDs online. One manual covers infants, and a second teaches you how to care for toddlers.

My niece and nephew said the consultation was phenomenal. Along with the “Moms on Call Guide to Basic Baby Care” manual and video and six months of e-mail follow-ups, they received advice on:

Feeding issues of all varietiesemme-bath.JPG
Sleeping and napping
Trimming the nails
Suctioning the nose
Taking a temperature
Getting baby to sleep
Getting baby on a schedule
Common illnesses
Time-saving tips

The good news is, you can take the Moms on Call online seminar no matter where you live.  Oh, that’s Emme over there, getting her first bath. Cari said she loved the water and just floated there quite contented.

pig-in-blanket.jpgladybug-nightlight.jpg The Moms on Call consult is truly a wonderful gift, but if your budget can’t handle it, Corner Stork Baby Gifts has lots of fabulous gifts–baby blankets for swaddling, gift sets for baby’s bath time, and even some help for baby’s bedtime. I’m particularly fond of the Pig in a Blanket, an ultra-soft blanket with beautiful embroidery on the satin trim and a precious, plush pig for baby to cuddle. For bedtime, I love the Twilight Ladybug Constellation Nightlight. The canopy of “stars” created by the nightlight sheds a soothing glow throughout the nursery. I’m even thinking of getting one for my bedroom. I’ll be back soon with more photos of my sweet, little Emme and, as always, some super baby info!