Mommy’s Best Baby Gift? An Infant-Care Nurse!

newborn1.jpgFirst-time mom? Fifth-time mom? It really doesn’t matter. Every post-partum mom can use some help for her first few weeks at home with a newborn. And I’m talking more than just a baby sitter.

Especially for first-time moms who often feel a bit overwhelmed and unsure of themselves, an infant-care nurse can make a world of difference. These nurses have credentials and training, experience and the ability to make life so much easier for the new mother.

My friend Audrey is an infant-care nurse, and she travels throughout the Southeast helping moms–and dads–through those first few weeks. She works for Rachel’s Infant Care, and I recently spoke with her about the things she and her colleagues do for a typical family. Having known Audrey for a while, I can tell you she is one of the kindest, most capable women I’ve met, and she has a genuine love for babies, as well as a keen desire to help.

duckbath.jpgboygiftset.gif While her primary function is to help care for the baby, which includes bathing, skin care, infant massage, feeding, total night care and putting baby on a routine Mom and Dad can live with, Audrey cares for Mom by teaching her about breastfeeding, baby care, infant massage, premature infant needs and how to care for multiple babies. She also plans meals to make sure Mom gets proper nutrition for breastfeeding.  If that weren’t enough, Audrey helps the family by doing the baby’s laundry, cleaning the nursery, making dinners and some light housework, though the infant-care nurses are not maids. They’ve got plenty to do without heavy housework, too!

duckies.jpg blanketplush.jpgTheir services start at $250 per day, and the price goes up for multiple births, but it’s well worth it for the peace of mind for both Mom and Dad. The infant-care nurse is another loving touch for baby to enjoy. If you’re expecting, and you think this service is just what you need, I suggest you plan well in advance. You want to get on their schedule, find out all the details, check references and interview the nurse, all which takes time. With thousands of babies being born every day, these nurses are in great demand, so you want to make sure you have all your “ducks” in a row by the time you hold that precious newborn in your arms for the first time!