Marketing in the Maternity Ward–Has Disney Gone Too Far?

As a blogger and internet marketer, I can truly appreciate a savvy marketing plan or aggressive marketing campaign.  (Loved the Doritos Super Bowl Commercials!)  But, in all fairness to the person who’s being pitched to, when is it too soon to start wooing the wee ones?  I remember the concern in years past of alcohol and tobacco companies marketing to teens–and rightly so.  So, when I saw that Disney has now launched a new marketing campaign to moms just hours after delivery, I didn’t know whether to applaud them for the aggressive campaign or complain about the aggressiveness.

Here’s the deal–literally!

In an effort to get babies hooked on Disney (almost from the womb it seems), Disney has partnered with the Our365 photo company (they take those “first photos” at the hospital) to gain access to excited, impressionable moms.  Sharing the benefits of their new Disney Baby clothing line and, of course, leaving a free Disney bodysuit for each baby to wear.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about giving parents free stuff, but do they have to sit through a song-and-dance to get it?  Let’s face it.  Hospitals have been giving babies and Moms free formula, diapers, wipes and all sorts of things for years.  It’s nothing new, but the accompanying sales pitch is.

Innovative or Invasive?

We all know that you sometimes have to push the limit.  But you also have to know when you’ve gone too far.  There’s a fine line between the two.  And for right now, Corner Stork Baby Gifts has decided to stay of the respectful side of that line.  Not that we don’t think our baby bodysuits are great–just look at the one featured here to the right.  We just want you to like our baby clothes for the right reasons (call us old fashioned that way.)  Printed with really cute sayings on the front, our baby clothes are personalized just for you.

But, in light of this latest trend, maybe we need to make one that says “No Soliciting” for your baby to wear in the hospital.  Or, I guess you could always just post a sign on the hospital door!

Tell us what you think about Disney’s new marketing ploy–I mean plan.