Lumberjack Nursery: Little Man, Big Woods

Your little man deserves a nursery that’s cozy and cute. An adorable lumberjack nursery is perfect for this time of year – little man, big woods!

Choosing Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors for any space can be a big task, but when deciding on colors for your lumberjack nursery, keep in mind the different ways you can use the space, even down the road. Pick colors that can transition into different themes if you choose, which may mean sticking to the basics.

White and gray are wonderful options for the lumberjack nursery theme. They keep the color palette clean and crisp while the decor and furniture bring the theme into the space.

You could also opt for a more dramatic color that would still be considered somewhat neutral, like blue. This adds a little more color to the space without being overwhelming.

Fun and Functional Furniture

The furniture for your lumberjack nursery can add to the theme’s essence, too!

A rustic looking wooden crib and dresser bring the woods inspired feel to your nursery out even more than decor can. These staples set the stage for the space, and when they match the theme, they make an impact.

Your little man sleeps in a crib for now, but when he’s older you can swap it out with a cabin inspired bed or playhouse that will really make this room loads of fun for him to play and sleep in.

Decorating for Your Little Lumberjack

Your little lumberjack needs all the trimmings of the forest in his nursery.

Decorate the walls with adorable wall art – bears and other forest animals are perfect in this room. You can also bring in antlers, lanterns and fun signage to fill the walls of your little one’s room.

Lumberjacks love buffalo plaid (or maybe that’s just us!) so add it in wherever you can. Red and black checkered curtains add some festive warmth to the room. You could also bring this pattern into your little man’s crib sheet and changing pad color for an extra pop.

Vintage decor does really well in a lumberjack nursery. Vintage lanterns and lamps look great on dressers and shelves. Anything with a rustic feel will go well in this nursery.

And don’t forget outfits for your little lumberjack! Cute suspenders and flannel shirts are perfect for daytime play, and comfy bear inspired robes are great for post-bathtime cuddles with your little man!

Your little guy is going to love his lumberjack nursery as much as you will – every day will be a new adventure for your little man in the big woods.

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