Letter to Britney – Final Blog Post

Ok, I know I’ve been very hard on Britney Spears lately, but after her latest outburst, I’m very concerned. In short, she has basically written off her 2 boys because she said she “didn’t want them in the first place.”. That’s just an awful thing to say.


brit.jpgOk, I know I’ve been very hard on Britney Spears lately, but after her latest outburst, I’m very concerned. In short, she has basically written off her 2 boys because she said she “didn’t want them in the first place.”. That’s just an awful thing to say.

Here’s my letter to Britney that documents what it will take to salvage her career and my oath.

britskids.jpgDear Britney,
Please stop. Letting Kevin take custody of the kids makes you look like a waste of oxygen. You carried these children in your body. You gave birth to them and brought them into this world. You enjoyed the attention that the pregnancy gave you, but now that part is over. Now it’s time to be a parent to these children. Do you think that handing the kids over to Kevin or some “Nanny for Hire” sheds a positive light on you? Just because it freed up time for you to go out and have fun does not make things okay. Who is honestly going to go out and buy your album? Do you think people will support your shopping habits and help someone who abandons their children? You’re heading into a very dark place and there’s no way that you can continue on the path you’re on and come out on the other side in a positive light.

Here’s what you need to do to salvage your career.

  1. Leave L.A.. – Pack your bags. Concentrate on getting out of the spotlight so that you know what it’s like to be human again. Concentrate on being a parent and learning how to get in touch with your maternal instincts. That splinter of crazy you’re feeling clawing at the back of your skull? That’s your maternal instincts kicking and screaming. Answer the door and use them.
  2. britney_spears1a.jpgStay out of the limelight. – Stay away from the press at all costs. Take a couple of years or more to focus on your kids. Focus on raising them and giving them some semblance of a normal life. No matter how far you try to run away or how many shoes you buy, those are still your children and that will never change. So you need to decide if you’re that mother that abandoned her kids like some animal or if you’re going to be an adult and support the decisions that you’ve made. Those boys had no choice, but you did. There’s a reason why you can’t find one single positive story about you in the past year. Stop giving them headlines.
  3. Use the free time. – Whatever time you have left over from parenting does not need to be used going out shopping or partying. You’ve done enough of that. Use the free time to teach yourself guitar and start writing your own music. Put your feelings onto paper and use that raw emotion to write great music. We all know that you’re talented, so watching you abuse yourself and neglecting your artistic abilities along with your responsibilities is too painful to watch.
  4. Get your head on straight – Seek professional help. I’m not saying you’re crazy, but you’re definitely acting crazy. Your head is filled with so many demons right now, that you’re looking like someone who has lost their mind. At this point, nobody would be shocked if you were found dead in a hotel room overdosed on prescription pills. You need to talk with somebody. A professional psychiatrist or psychologist who can help you handle the emotions that you’re fighting with every day. Not everybody is out to get you and there are plenty of professionals out there who would be very willing to help you. You could get a year’s worth of professional help for the cost of what you’re spending each day at the stores.
  5. Come back. – Once you’ve spent a couple years (preferably more like 4) out of the spotlight, then you can come back onto the scene. Girl, you need to get your head back on straight. There are millions of people who like your music, but none of them want anything to do with you. No one wants to see you on this destructive path you’re on and anyone who supports you during this time would only be making things worse. You need to stop and stop now. Your true fans will wait a few years for a good album, if that’s what makes you better.
  6. Just get better, Britney.

britney-spears-1.pngAnd as an entertainment reporter, I am no longer going to write anything more about Britney Spears destructive behavior. I can’t stand to watch this anymore and if I keep reporting on you, I’m only adding to the mess. The next story I write will be a positive one about Britney’s recovery from the abyss and hopefully not about her untimely suicide or death. I implore all reporters and photographers to leave this woman alone and all publishers to stop paying so much money for pictures of her to destroy this person or document her every move. Her demise will be on your own head and all of you should be ashamed of yourselves. This has gone too far and this is my last story on her until something positive happens.

Mr. Christopher signing off.