Lessons from Pets for Children

We all know how much children love pets, and of course most parents do too.


We all know how much children love pets, and of course most parents do too.  In most cases pets are considered a part of the family-just like a child- only they don’t talk back, will eat almost anything you put in front of them, and do not need a babysitter when you want to leave the house.

A family pet (or pets) can bring so much joy to everyone in the family.  They offer unconditional love and always provide a soft, furry shoulder to lean on when you need a friend.  However, they also play a very important role in the lives of young children.

You may never have thought about the lessons that your little one can learn from your family pet, but there are just some things that a pet does best.  Here are some real examples submitted from moms and dads around the world of lessons their children have learned from their family pet.

1. Hug Tight– “[My dog taught my baby] How to love.” — Sarah W.

2. Share– “Having a dog has taught our son to share (especially at dinner time)!” – Sadie K.

3. Imagine– “My daughter has learned how to crawl with the help of our dog, as well as how to bark (and unfortunately beg).” – Bonnie L.

4. Relax– “There’s more to relationships than words: just being together — watching, listening, and caring for another person or animal — is enough.”

5. Smile– Smiling is contagious– especially when exposed to happy pets.

6. Take a good nap– “[My dog teaches my baby] to feel safe.” — Sarah H.

7. Responsibility– “My kids have learned patience, kindness, and responsiblity from our pets. They have also, sadly, learned about death. … Sad to lose our sweet pets, but a good introduction into the idea of life and death for our kids.” – Kirstin Mix

8. Play hard– Eat, drink, sleep, and do not forget to play!

9. Stretch– Because it feels good.

10. Trust– Just because something looks different doesn’t mean it is scary.