Kate Aspen’s Adorable 2011 Baby Shower Favors–Heartwarming! Wild! Wow!

Just in time for that baby shower you’ll be hosting this year! Corner Stork is thrilled to bring you the newest designs from incomparable baby shower favor designer Kate Aspen, who expanded popular collections and started some new ones!

Is Baby Cute As a Button? 

Absolutely! We already have the “Cute As a Button” Scented Soap, and this year we’ve added Kate’s  “Cute As a Button” Frosted-Glass Tealight Holder and the “Cute As a Button Round Photo Frame. I’ve made a collage of photos that includes several of the favors I’ll be presenting to you.

There’s a new, personalized edible that will make your mouth water just thinking about it! “Spread the Love” Gourmet Strawberry Jam comes in a petite, personalized jar jull of luscious jam just looking for a slice of toast!

One of my favorites for the coming year is the “Feathering the Nest” Ceramic Birds Salt & Pepper Shakers. What makes them so cute is the combination of the mother bird salt shaker and the smaller baby bird pepper shaker. So touching, and practical!

I have to admit, though, the new baby shower favor at the top of my list is the “Born To Be Wild” Animal Candle Tealights. They come four to a set, and each set of candles includes a tiger, a monkey, a giraffe and and elephant. Sooo cute! That’s them on the right!

You can celebrate that new sweetie with “Gimme Some Sugar!” Stainless-Steel Sugar Tongs or announce the new baby on the block with “Baby Announcemints” or “New Baby On the Block” Alphabet-Block Stainless-Steel Spreader. Not only are Kate Aspen’s next generation of baby shower favors cuter than you ever expected–they’re also incredible inspiration for baby shower themes! That’s why we love them! See the whole collection here!