Kardashian Baby–An Early Christmas Gift For Kourtney

Kourtney Kardashian2Well, Kourtney is officially a Mom!  All of one day old, her beautiful baby boy was born on yesterday morning to the delight of family and friends. Welcome Mason Dash Disick to the world!  I know Kourtney and Scott enjoyed the simple pleasure of counting 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes upon his arrival and got lost in the beat of his little heart while resting upon her chest.  Newborn babies are always a joy, but at Christmas time, it seems even more magical.

History repeats itself?

Speaking of magical, I just had to share this Fox News story of Virgin Mary giving birth to Jesus–not in Bethlehem, but in Peru!  No kidding!  The similarities to the biblical Jesus are uncanny.   Having a Christmas-day miracle of her own last year, twenty-year-old Virgen Maria Huarcaya delivered her newborn son, Jesus Emanuel, on Christmas morning in Lima, Peru, according to Reuters News Service.  Surprisingly, the baby’s father, Adolfo Jorge Huamani, is a carpenter just like Joseph in the bible.  You can read all the details at https://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,473103,00.html.

At the top of your list

I’m sure Kourtney felt just like Mary did–joyous!  No doubt, she has lots to celebrate and be thankful for.  With so many babies born around Christmas, there are plenty of families welcoming the arrival of a new little Christmas “gift.”  If you’re like them–with a brand new bundle of joy this Christmas–there’s sure to be a few things at the top of your Christmas list for baby’s first Christmas…just in case you didn’t get one as a baby shower gift.

christmas teddy bearThis cuddly keepsake teddy bear is perfect for baby’s first Christmas.  Ready to hug, it’s squeezably soft, embroidered with the words, “Baby’s First Christmas”  and wears a green Santa cap.  So cute, you’ll keep this one christmas stocking setaround long after your baby is all grown up to remember those first Christmas memories.

Or, why not introduce baby to the wonders of the season with this three-piece gift set that let’s your baby be a baby.  A festive way to enjoy baby food, it takes care of baby before and after eating.  The bib helps keep baby clothes clean, and the burp cloth protects you after the eating is done.  Fill the stocking with lots of baby toys for your newborn to enjoy and you’ve got a festive holiday for sure!  Embroidered with baby’s name, you can use this personalized baby gift year after year.

As you can see, baby’s first Christmas is a glorious time of celebration.  Whether born to Virgin Mary or just plain old cousin Mary–it’s time to rejoice!