It’s Time For a Road Trip!

As Winter-time is passing and warmer weather is approaching many of us are planning Spring road trips.

No matter how exciting the final destination may be, when you have small children, the process of getting there can be excruciating.

Whether you are driving, flying, taking a train or bus you must be prepared for your sake and your children’s sake!

Here are six steps to surviving a road trip with your toddler:

1) Be prepared.

Have plenty of toys, snacks, games, and books ready so that you can keep your child entertained.

2) Leave early.

When you get an early start not only will you reach your destination early, but your child will have plenty of daylight to see all the things you pass by; which will keep him entertained.

3) Provide interaction.

Whether it’s by talking, playing games, or singing, interacting with your child will help them feel included and make the trip more exciting for your child and yourself.

4) Play games.

Depending on the age of your little one, there are plenty of road trip games that your child will love.

5) Plan for breaks.

If you plan to take a break every couple of hours your road trip will be much more enjoyable.  If you tend to take short stops try taking a little longer on your rest stop so that your child can get out, run around, and play.

6) Consider a portable DVD player.

This could very possibly save your sanity.

What are your road trip rituals?