Inspiration for Your Happy Camper Baby Shower

What do you do when the soon-to-be parents absolutely love camping? Every summer, they take to the woods to live amidst nature, so why not plan a baby shower for their new addition? After all, their little one will grow up camping. Might as well celebrate with a happy camper baby shower theme!

Not sure what to do with a unique theme like this one? We have inspiration for decor, food and baby gifts.

Rustic Decor

Unless you’re having the baby shower at a campground, you’ll need to bring the outdoors in. Even something as simple as filling a kayak with flowers will make the baby shower feel both fancy and outdoors-themed at the same time. Mimic the look of tents by draping lightweight fabrics.

Happy Camper Baby Shower: Flower KayakStyle Me Pretty

For table lighting, you could use lanterns. Since this is a baby shower, have two large lanterns, representing mom and dad, and a little candle or tealight for the baby.

Happy Camper Baby Shower: Lanterns

PB + J Babes

You can also use pine cones for little accents around the room. Create garlands with pine cones and string. You could even pick up large pine cones and add them to table centerpieces.

Happy Camper Baby Shower: Pine ConesKara’s Party Ideas

Delectable Foods

Snacks are a must for any baby shower. You can tailor just about any finger food to this theme. For instance, a bowl of strawberries or blackberries could be labeled “berry-picking.”

Happy Camper Baby Shower: Party SnacksCatchMyParty

For edible party favors, go literal. Have some happy camper cookies made. Though your guests may eat them before they make it out the door!

Happy Camper Baby Shower: CookiesThe World According to Curly Girl

Then again, nothing beats a cake. What’s the best camping dessert? S’mores! This cake combines them both for the ultimate campfire cake, which you can learn to make from Shower of Roses.

Happy Camper Baby Shower: Campfire CakeShower of Roses

Baby Gifts

Need some inspiration for baby gifts? Sure, you could get the new parents a basket of diapers, but a happy camper-themed gift will make their day. For instance, this plaid outfit is too adorable for words.

Happy Camper Baby Shower: Plaid Baby Outfit

The happy camper may just love animals. Get the upcoming baby a bear-themed cuddle pouch. It’s reversible, too!

Happy Camper Baby Shower: Bear Cuddle Pouch

Now the happy camper baby shower will be rustic, adorable and fun.